Website Development, Custom Software Application Services

Want a new website for your business? Looking for a web-based application that'll help you run circles around the competition? Need custom desktop software that can schedule work flow, and track sales while handling all the unique needs of your business?

With over two decades of experience building websites, developing software and web-based applications for businesses large and small around the Washington DC metropolitan area, and across the nation, Celtic Wolf can provide 100% computer based solutions for your company's Internet, software challenges. Our experience runs through many industries, including communications, construction, graphics and prepress, consulting, real estate and more.

Got a fleet of trucks, and want to track your drivers' daily mileage reports through your website?

We can help.

Got employees around the world, and need a database to track expenses in different currencies 24/7?

We can help.

Think you've got an idea for a website that could be the next Facebook?

We can help.

Ready to see what's possible in business today with the power of the Internet?

Contact us today and we'll show you all the ways we can help make your business faster, more efficient, and above all more profitable.

Website Development

Celtic Wolf can provide comprehensive design, build services for your business website on any number of development platforms, including Wordpress, Joomla!, Ruby on Rails and more. With our years of experience, extensive knowledge and expertise, you can be assured that your website will be compliant with current recognized standards, making it more attractive to the Internet's major search engines, helping your new business website get found on-line.

Software Development

Is your business loosing time and money because you can't find an existing IT solution to your unique challenges? From automating simple tasks to building sophisticated web-based tracking systems, Celtic Wolf has been delivering desktop, server and web-based software solutions to business problems for decades. We work with clients to understand their needs and to create a custom application that provides the maximum benefit to their operations.

IT Consulting

Getting ready to take on a big application development project or having issues with one that's already underway? Need someone on your side at the table? An experienced IT professional looking out for your company's best interests, with the knowledge and expertise to make sure your website or software development project is delivered as promised. As a fully independent consulting firm with an extensive network of website, software industry professionals, Celtic Wolf can be your company's knowledge base during contract negotiations and disputes.

Project Management

What started as a simple website or software development project has balloned out of control and now you're spending so much time coordinating the work of all the vendors, your business is suffering. Celtic Wolf has decades of experience managing the work of IT professionals and translating the technical jargon of websites into terms a business owner can understand.

Database Data Conversion

Business today runs on data that is stored on computers using a multitude of different websites and software platforms. Unfortunately for you, the data generated by program A isn't being read correctly by program B and every time your employees enter information on program C, it's creating records in both programs A and B, neither of which is storing the data in the right place and format. In our decades of experiences at Celtic Wolf, we've converted, copied, synchronized, modified, sliced and diced data from every generation of every platform imaginable. (Or at least is sure feels that way.) Give us a call, and we can help get your business databases talking to each other in the same language.

Technical Writing

Celtic Wolf can work with businesses or developers to create user manuals, help files, and system documentation to reduce or eliminate end-user problems.



" Celtic Wolf's solution addressed our needs and allowed us to track this important part of our business, improving efficiency and reducing costs. We plan to work with them again to address future needs. "

Chris Carspecken
Vice President
Capital Mechanical LLC