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Subversion svnadmin load error “File not found: transaction ’0-1′, path …”

I was trying to export a single project from a Subversion repository and then import that into a new repository.  I followed the instructions for migrating a subversion repository and filtering out the other projects found in the Red Bean Subversion book.  I managed to export the main repository and filter out the projects, but when I went to import the filtered dump file, I got the following error:

svnadmin load --ignore-uuid /srv/svn/repos < project.dumpfile
File not found: transaction '0-1', path 'foo/bar'
adding path: foo/bar

A little googling turned up a some hints, but it wasn’t until I ran into this blog post by Simon Jones that I understood what had happened.  While the main dump file had all of the steps to create the directory structure, the filtering I’d done with svndumpfilter had removed some of those steps.  As a result, I had to manually create the missing directories in the repository like this:

svn mkdir http://localhost/svn/repos/trunk
svn mkdir http://localhost/svn/repos/trunk/foo

Once I did this, svnadmin load was able to create the “bar” directory and all of its contents.


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