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Installing Ruby Gem ImgKit on Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion)

I’m working on a project to convert HTML pages into images.  It’s written in Ruby, so I started looking for a gem to convert HTML to an image.  The StackOverflow thread that I found led me to IMGKit. It seemed to have the capabilities that I needed, so I checked the installation instructions.  They looked […]

WordPress Google Analyticator error “Analytics API service error 0:Error fetching OAuth2 access token”

A couple of years ago I wrote about trying Google Analyticator for WordPress.  I’m still using that plug-in, but recently I noticed that its dashboard widget wasn’t working.  Instead, I was getting the error: Google Analytics UID: There was an Analytics API service error 400:Error fetching OAuth2 access token, message: ‘invalid_grant’ I found that others […]

How to Render a Rails View in a Rake Task

We recently took over maintenance of a Rails 2 project for a new client. The application had a view in CSV (comma separated value) format to allow exporting of data.  The client wanted to automate the export of the data, so I started looking for the easiest way to accomplish that.  Since there was already […]

How to Hide the Page Heading in Joomla! 2.5

While working on a site in Joomla! 2.5, I ran into a problem.  The home page had “Home” as an h1 above all of the content.  In this case, the home page’s content is a single article.  I’d turned off the display of the article’s title, so that wasn’t it.

Apache Error “NameVirtualHost has no virtualhosts” on Ubuntu 11.04

Problem I was trying to create a virtual host on Apache 2.2, running on Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal).  I was doing so using archives, including a virtual hosts file, from an older Ubuntu 8.04 server.  While both servers ran Apache 2.2, the newer server runs 2.2.17, while the older one ran an earlier version (it’s […]

Cleaning Out Code

I just read a good post from Blake Smith cleaning up your code.  This is a subject that doesn’t get enough attention from developers.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been looking through a code base, mine or someone else’s, and found reams of old, unused code just hanging around.  There are partially […]

Recovering Subversion Repositories

Our server that hosts our Subversion repositories died recently.  I put up another server in its place and wanted to recover the Subversion repositories that we had.  They were backed up, of course, but I wanted to get the most recent versions if I could.  Since the server suffered from a motherboard failure, rather than […]

Issuing a Partial Refund in QuickBooks

I had a situation in which a client had underpaid one invoice by $12 and overpaid another by $24.  I applied the overpayment to the underpaid invoice, which left a credit balance of $12.  Since I didn’t expect to issue any new invoices to this client for a while, I decided to refund the balance.  […]

Fedora Core 15 Missing Desktop Icons

I’m working on a project that uses various virtual machines for development.  They’re supplied by the client, so I have to use what they provide.  One of the VM’s that they provide is a Fedora Core image.  For most of the year, I’d been working with an image of Fedora Core 12.  Just recently, however, […]

Resetting the Session on Safari for Mac

Using my new MacBook Pro, I’d started having problems with my Safari session. One of the open tabs was to a page at help.github.com. For some reason, whenever I went to or tried to close the tab, or closed Safari itself, Safari would crash. I don’t know why that page was crashing, and I didn’t […]