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rake db:create – this application has failed to start because libmysql.dll was not found

While creating a Ruby on Rails application for the first time under Windows XP, I ran into a problem.  I usually do Ruby on Rails development on Linux, but I’ve been wanting to do it on my laptop; it runs XP, since I do a lot of .NET development. When I ran “rake db:create” to […]

.htaccess causes “500 Internal Server Error” with apache 2.2

I was adding 301 redirect rules to an .htaccess file for a client.  I had converted a site from static HTML to PHP, and wanted to make sure that external links were not broken.  After uploading the changes to the server and testing, I got the following error: Internal Server Error The server encountered an […]

timthumb.php not working in WordPress

A client had a WordPress theme that made use of timthumb.php to generate thumbnail images on the fly.  If you check the documentation for the script, it tells you to set the permissions for the cache folder to “777″.  This is short-hand for “all users are allowed to read, write, create and execute files in […]

Review of DJ-Promedical Template for Joomla!, round 2

Last month I reviewed the DJ-Promedical template for Joomla!.  A representative commented on the review and argued a couple of points that I made.  They pointed out a link to the documentation, which I have confirmed and reviewed.  As a result, I have updated the original review. In my review, I also stated that the […]

OutOfMemoryException using Excel automation in .NET

I was working on an application that dumps data out of a database into files. It’s a batch application (meaning that it runs multiple extractions in batches) and until recently only supported outputting the data as delimited files. However, I ran into an instance where I needed to export to native Excel files instead, because […]

Visual Studio 2008 server explorer doesn’t appear

After rebuilding my PC a few months ago, I reinstalled all of my software.  When I went to use Visual Studio 2008 to create a couple of applications that need to access databases.  One of the tools that one usually uses for working on database applications is the Server Explorer (View -> Server Explorer).  For […]

Subversion: svndumpfilter invalid copy source path

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been working on splitting projects out of a single repository into separate repositories.  I ran into a new error: svndumpfilter –drop-empty-revs –renumber-revs include trunk/source/project \ < old_repo.dumpfile > project.dumpfile Revision 0 committed as 0. Revision 1 skipped. Revision 2 skipped. Revision 3 skipped. Revision 4 skipped. Revision 5 skipped. Revision […]

Subversion svnadmin load error “File not found: transaction ’0-1′, path …”

I was trying to export a single project from a Subversion repository and then import that into a new repository.  I followed the instructions for migrating a subversion repository and filtering out the other projects found in the Red Bean Subversion book.  I managed to export the main repository and filter out the projects, but […]

Getting Palm Desktop to Sync with Outlook

I have a Palm Tungsten T3. It’s an older unit, but quite nice for its time. Until I replace it with a smartphone, I use it to keep my calendar, tasks and contacts when I’m out and about. I had to rebuild my PC a while back, and wasn’t able to get the Palm Desktop […]

What is a Race Condition?

While writing another post, I included the concept of a race condition, a common problem when programming web sites.  One of the people that I asked to review the post was my brother, Rob.  He’s the owner of Second Son Consulting in Los Angeles.  While he’s a professional computer geek, his area of expertise isn’t […]